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Hi there, my name is Laura and I make each and every suit one by one with my own hands to insure the best quality, design and ethical creation of products. I’ve been sewing since I was a very little girl and I’ve always been passionate about the ocean and everything that goes along with it, especially bikinis! I started making swimwear for myself when I was in high school because I found it tricky to find cute suits that were comfortable and functional for laying out on the beach as well as for surfing in the waves. Friends started asking me to make some for them, and then friends of friends and so on. The word spread fast so I ended up making a website to streamline the ordering and shipping process. Now I get to make swimsuits for girls and women all over the world to enjoy! The proceeds help me to sponsor children through various churches and Compassion International to help break the cycle of poverty. I hope to continue to grow as a brand and also be able to sponsor more children trying to break out of poverty and start donating to more organizations that help with things like ocean and forest conservation. Thank you for supporting my business and I hope that you enjoy your bikinis as much as I love making them for you!